3) Have you tried using the Venu with screen off to see if it stays true to the 5 days claimed by Garmin? (the vivoactive 4 is the more expensive choice here since a used forerunner is around 220€, where a new VA4 is around 300€). We only use the watches to track effort in regards to heart rate/distance/pace; oh, true, and to keep an eye on the time. GREAT! I bought 4S couple weeks ago and I’m not fully satisfied with it. If you’re doing longer trail runs and such, you might want to consider the FR945 instead. Then hit up Wiggle at the link below! Does that stupid lock symbol still block most of the display when you go to look at the time or did they do something less silly with it now? Garmin Swim 2; Live Segments are only available for riding and running activities. MicroLED display will address efficiency contrast and resolution. thanks a million for all the info here and everytime you do a review. Stability and accuracy trump features for me. There's no need to spend big, which is why we've presented options for every budget and level below. But this post is about the Vivoactive 4, not Venu. As you probably noticed by looking below, I also take time to answer all the questions posted in the comments – and there’s quite a bit of detail in there as well. And about 1/3 of the time that it does finally register, it registers as the other touchscreen option, “Delete.” Does the Vivoactive 4 have a different flow for finishing workouts? It had some thorough testing over two weeks – 2.6k walk to, and from work every day, and 6 or 7 5k runs. This makes no sense. Within that there are small little animated peoples that you can see the exact steps of the workout. Uh, speak for yourself please. You could hold the two watches side by side and go through every button press the exact same way and achieve the same results. Minimum is 1.35″ now, but I will buy 1.39″ ~ 1.4″, no less, so my options are limited, but there are options and new one is coming very soon. You'll finally be able to run wild and free. the post-workout heart rate monitor LED would still suck the life out of the battery. – Battery life at 5 days standby, and 6 hours of GPS+Music. Hello, Most of the time. Here is my observation. And now I found this watch. It seems like Garmin picks-chooses SW updates based on release timing over quality hierarchy. The lack of a lap button on the VA3 was the single feature that kept me away…for track intervals it’s a must have. If you’re new around these parts, here’s the long version of my story. I’ve used several versions of it over the years and it’s still my go-to method of listening to music when running. – Optical heart rate sensor in watch Wrist based heart rate monitors aren’t usually any good at this type of activity. I wish they would take it out of all watches other than the Approach series (which are already golf specific) and strip it from having such a high prominence in the Connect app. ), “CUSTOM WORKOUTS: Build your own workouts in Garmin Connect, and download them to the watch.”, create the workout on GC, save = doesn´t transfer on the watch,but we´ll use the calendar instead, calendar on GC, add a workout for the planned day = will transfer on the watch, starting an activity and then the planned workout, so at least that way works – can live with that. 88bpm climbing a 15% mountain with my bike seems very low to me And my chest band says like 170. Like the extra button on the side. Within the breathing exercises you’ll also get respiration rate data. The first thing to know is that while previously there were separate editions of the Vivoactive lineup – one for music (e.g. I’ve sorted it all by world geography, in an attempt to make it easy to figure out where I’ve been. That means you get full Strava Segments, KOM and records. And how large are the fonts? Also note that like the two Venu & Vivoactive 4 watches, my two posts on these watches at this point are incredibly similar. An odd thing for a consumer to complain about but maybe cause some paralysis by analysis. I’ll be returning this one and buying a Venu instead, once it’s available. I noticed that the backlight keeps popping up at night, so maybe that’s the issue. . – Garmin Pay for contactless payments. (with always on enabled I mean..). It will also work with some built-in heart rate monitors. Always enjoying your reviews! I think the 4 has the new larger screen dimensions 1.3 inch, 260×260 as per fenix 6, compared to the 4S that has the original 1.2 inch 240×240 screen. – Added ability to design Pilates workouts in Garmin Connect: Complete with step by step animations And to compliment that, here’s The Girl’s (my wife’s) list. Has Garmin improved the durability of the heart rate sensor plastic? That was the pink color, but if I had chosen the white/rose gold color it said availability was 5-8 weeks out. Coming from the Forerunner series I do miss the audible beep, but at least the vibration is strong on this watch. So, altitude and pressure, if You make a loop or couple of them, do You still “descend continously “? I think it looks nicer than the Fenix series. I was considering the 245 but the lack of altimeter really annoys me, as I already have a 235. Ok, with all that out of the way, we’ll dive into the details. Since the Hydration Tracking, Sweat Loss, Breathwork Exercises and Yoga & Pilates Workout are widgets or Connect IQ Apps, will they be also available on higher end watches such as Fenix 6? Garmin Vivoactive 4: $349.99 |Amazon | Garmin. – Added new Yoga and Pilates Built-in workouts: Includes step by step animations Personally I would buy an Apple watch but as far as I can tell it doesn’t offer the hardware that the Vivoactive does. I would hope for the same ultimate meaning here. I like to be inconspicuous when I’m out and about, and the always-on screen has given me pause. I know they held back Venu due to the software stability. I was excited about the “calculate finish time”-function and the recovery stuff (which I really like in the Ignite), but this one don’t have them or the anaerob/aerob workload-thingy. Strava Live Segments Bekijk je prestaties in real time op de Garmin tijdens je favoriete segmenten. Small 1.2″ screen (cough ,cough Marq) , huge bezel plastic, no sapphire and premium price. Does anyone know if the Vivoactive 4 has support for audible, the audiobook provider? But today I generate a fit file of a segment and put manually in my Fenix Chronos. GPS, GPS+GLONASS, GPS+GALILEO, and yup, an altimeter. After you upload an activity to Garmin Connect it’ll show you the estimated sweat loss leveraging the known outside temperature, your weight, humidity, and general black magic. Nice line up from garmin thes last months but any rumors from suunto At this price point, I don’t think that separation makes sense anymore. Really hope so, is it makes logging the cycle commute easier in winter, where the watch is hidden under jackets and gloves…. The old one was useless garbage and Garmin has admited as much. We’ll first look at these new features, and then from there dive into a quick accuracy check-up on some runs and such. If that’s the case (but certainly not saying my choices aren’t good for women), and you just want to see a different gear junkies “picks”, check out The Girl’s 2018 Gear Guide too. If price difference is no longer a major consideration, which makes more sense for someone interested in metrics but not really into competition and NEVER gonna run a triathlon. In this case I’ve got it slated up against the Garmin Fenix 6 Pro (with the HRM-DUAL chest strap), the Suunto 9 (paired to the Polar OH1 Plus optical HR armband), and the Venu. A new VA4 with a crazy high price point, that they’ll probably refuse to allow it to work with all the sensors. Hi, what’s the différence between color for watch face on VA3 and VA4. My VA3 says 170, this watch says 152 Probably in the minority but I have the VA3 and wouldn’t purchase it without the golf feature. From what he said, it sounds like all of these features are going to the Fenix 6 and also the 945. On 520 everything worked "out-the-box", on 820 I cannot get Strava segments no matter what. The new features all strike me as gimmicks other than the extra button and the better heart rate sensor. For example I ordered a Vivoactive 4S (direct from Garmin) last night for my wife and it shipped this morning. But the battery life really sucks (good for road runners). – Structured workout support via downloadable workouts It always seemed strange to have that available for the snow sports but not have a simple hiking sport option. They are so close, but refuse to make “the” watch that people want. I like the idea of Bluetooth headphones + watch, but battery life, and compatibility still seem to be a bit of an issue. As current owner of VA3 music, nothing with VA4 excites me exc. Do you expect the hydration related features to become available on older watches (i have the FR 645)? No power meter support in the Vivo product line. Do you expect the new features (Hydration tracking, Estimated Sweat Loss post-workout, Respiration Rate for all-day and sleep metrics, and Breathwork Exercises) to appear on the other new models (FR945 and Phoenix 6) and old models (i have FR645)? The 3 can look washed out. I am wondering whether it is plausible that the units sold on amazon (sold and fulfilled by amazon) are early/pre-production units. No updates in two years and was hoping for a new release this month. I was checking for the 645music as I found a good price offer. My Photography Gear: The Cameras and Equipment I Use Daily, DC Rainmaker 2019 swim, bike, run, and general gear list. Make sure segments are activated in the profile PacePro or Race an Activity would be nice, but does not look like either is coming. I wasn’t exactly keeping track). Thanks! So connecting Garmin Connect and Strava does give you the best of both worlds. Is there an option anywhere to adjust your sweat rate so Garmin makes better predictions? My VA3 is far too receptive and I’m often finding the screen has reset itself to a different background or my music starts randomly playing because my sleeve has set it off! Imagine if your swim workout said ‘Repeat set 23 times’. Some reviews are over 60 pages long when printed out, with hundreds of photos! Your email address will not be published. I believe if you are following a course, to use Strava segments the route must be created in the Strava route planner. The 245 has it beat in too many other features/updates the 645 won’t get. This is one of the top straps I use daily for accuracy comparisons (the others Polar H9/H10 and Wahoo TICKR X). I am wondering if anyone has recommendations or suggestions; I found reviews of the APEX but not of the Pro version. link to firstbeat.com. When you have a river of size of 1 pixel, it looks like pond and detail is needed when hunting completely off grid, so pixel resolution is very important for maps, not so much for heart beet rate. I went ahead and ordered a Vivoactive 4S. ... (Kolo, Běh) a poté z kontextové nabídky (podržte Nahoru) zvolte Tréninky. My weather app stays in “waiting for data” and all my location services are on. Would go for the Apple watch (as it just has many day to day functions too) but I’m an android user… Which Garmin watch would you recommend or am I better advised to switch to the apple eco system… Thanks so much ! I had to ask a replacement unit twice and I ultimately returned it; I am still using my old vivoactive 3. DC Rainmaker 2019 swim, bike, run, and general gear list. You'll also find support on the Polar Grit X and the new Vantage V2. The features on the watch check everything I wanted just a bit disappointing. How can a company like suunto keep up with garmin anymore these days. Strava really makes it easy to dive into looking at your performance levels, and in our experience, does a better job of showing improvement than many of its rivals. And where does the Garmin Instinct fit in? It temporarily shows correct elevation right after I do a workout with the GPS, but within a couple of hours, the altitude reverts too negative. Also, if the VA4 has a barometric altimeter like the VA3, did Garmin add a hiking widget to the sports list? I knew the clarity and contrast wouldn’t be as good on the transflective MIP display as on an AMOLED, but I wasn’t expecting the resolution to be so noticeably bad. Purely a case of how much you like $50 for a prettier screen, that’s it. my weekly podcast - with GPLAMA, which is packed with both gadget and non-gadget goodness! You can get Live Strava segments on a couple of Polar bike computers (M460 and V650) but only one watch – the ageing V800. Is the screen any better on the 4 vs the 3? I normally head to the mountains for my runs but I have never noticed any issues with elevation with the watches we use. Can we please have a side by side comparison of the new VA4s, the VA3 and the F245/645? This solves the problem, and means you can take a cheap Fitbit like the Inspire HR for your sleep tracking, and use a different running device. The difference between the 4 … For you endurance athletes, think of this like the mother of all structured workouts. So price of FR945 is $500 and Vivoactive 4 is 350. Now unlike typically slowly breath in and out features we’ve seen on various watches, this is at an entirely different level of breathwork, often called mindful breathing. I will say, the Venu screen is growing on me, especially as I compare it to the VA4. Power meters are a premium feature and one of the things they use to differentiate products. It looks rather difficult to choose between VA4 and 645M. Wanna create comparison chart graphs just like I do for GPS, heart rate, power meters and more? I am looking at this (and possible the 245 but same question) and am unclear on how data from multiple devices is used in creating firstbeat metrics. I still run with a strap, because the VA3 also failed there. Sorry for the dumb question, probably it was discussed before, does VA4 have ANT+? But wait, are you a female and feel like these things might not apply to you? So to get that premium feature you have to jump up to a higher end watch. Doesn’t work for people over 50. My Vivoactive 3 got worse over time with buggy software updates which killed HR performance. The high initial price is just so Garmin can make serious money when it goes on sale. Any comments or suggestions you may have would be helpful. The screen on VA4 is it more crisp and clear then VA3. Adding GPX routes to Garmin watches has been a … And it's in a special club of one because Strava is the only app with that privilege. For 4/4S and Venu. Just got the 6X as my daily driver. Looking to upgrade from a Vivoactive HR which has served me well but is getting a bit long in the tooth after 3 years. It is more rugged and has features more geared for outdoor adventures. – Vivoactive 4 is 40mm and includes a touchscreen display Given you originally said September and it’s not there yet + comments of early purchasers are so-so I’m wondering if I can safely order one now (i.e. They’re mixing and matching. It wirk like a charm. Don’t take me wrong, I read many of your very detailed reviews and they are one of the best I came across internet, for very long time, but you almost never questioned display size and I understand why. Also, will try some day same settings with some original watchface, as now have nonstandart. The route should be Vivoactive -> Garmin Connect phone app -> Garmin on the web -> Strava ... all segments etc. Sadly none of those metrics. But it’s not like I’ll be a pro runner in any way, just focus a bit more than just “put my shoes on and leave the house 3 times a week”. Beyond that, it works just like any other Garmin watch in terms of showing you your running stats in customizable display pages: Let’s start though by looking at GPS accuracy. A little more far afield, presumably since the 2019 watches seem to have the same HR sensor they are all doing HRv under the hood, so would something like respiration rate suddenly be visible in my edge 530 (since firstbeat says it is an available metric) even if I can’t see that on the V4 watch? The way this works is that you define three ‘vessels’ (or cups, as you see them), and each of these are basically custom containers. If you want an alternative to a chest strap, try a Polar OH1. Brand new out of box fully charged ,Battery lasted less than 15 hours, Full charge again at 3pm removed any watch face apps 64% at 7am next day, Garmin advised to monitor and contact again ,Really disappointed sending back The fact that Running Power isn’t included with VA 3 though it has barometer is killing me, and I hope they corrected that mistake with 4/4S. I was kind of hoping this would replace my AW and Forerunner, but alas…there still appears to be no watch to rule them all. Oh, and you can sign-up for the newsletter here! They updated some specs, but asked much more. underwater wrist-based heart rate is also new. Hydration tracking widget is now available for the Vivoactive 3 series as well. As I understand it they are software based, whereas the breathing features most likely will require the new version of the optical sensor. You can use third parties alternatives like browser plugin Elevate or the site Runalyze, both free and auto sync with Connect/Strava. Sieh dir deine Leistung in Echtzeit – also während du auf deinem Lieblingssegment unterwegs bist – direkt auf dem Garmin an. It seems to be more advanced than Fenix 6. You'll support the site, and get ad-free DCR! Any chance you could add0 comparison pictures of the VA3, VA4, & VA4S (side by side)? From the Coros app you can connect the two services together in the same manner as Garmin, Suunto and Polar watches letting you view your run, ride and swim data in Strava. Yikes. Garmin excels in making GPS functions. – Switched to Garmin Elevate V3 optical HR sensor I am unclear if the I set the watch to broadcast HR if i will get the HRV data to the edge 530 for things like Respiratory Rate. The Vivoactive 4 is a logical evolutionary update of the Vivoactive 3. I wouldn’t even consider it a contender if golf wasn’t there. 2017 Vivoactive 3 $269 Vivo. It's a … Should I wait for the VA4 or get the offer on the 645music? Interesting new features! You can see for this short 27 minute run, it was 163ml of liquid (lower right hand corner of right screenshot): Ultimately, I suspect for most customers of the Vivoactive series units, this probably isn’t too much of a concern. are showing. I’m hoping Ray or anyone with a VA3 or newer garmin watch can answer this. You can click here to Subscribe without commenting. Though battery-wise there are some differences: Smartwatch mode (no GPS): 8 days for the VA4, 7 days for the VA4S Garmin makes the best activity wearables overall, but the Approach series doesn’t have the same features as the vivoactive (no music, no garmin pay, no HR monitor). Garmin MARQ Expedition. I was sceptical at first as Garmin didnt have it on the list saying it couldnt. That list just so happens to be the most expensive Garmin devices – so here's our pick of our favorite Garmin watches, all of which play nicely with Strava. IOW they’re intent on not angering buyer of new release in the last 12 or 18 mnths, Can’t say I disagree..no easy answer and wherever you draw the line there will be haters lining up. I get the 645 is more of an in-between watch, but still. Is this designed for people who need to hide they walked to the the bar around the corner instead of a completing a workout? Featured in this comparison are three outstanding Garmin smartwatches; the Garmin Forerunner 245 Music vs 645 Music vs Vivoactive 4. And in the case of both Venu and the Vivoactive 4, I’ve had a far rougher stability experience than I’d find acceptable at this point in time. Reading some other comments I tried out PacePro. They have guide me many a time). there’s nothing wrong with it that can’t be solved via software later on) or if I should wait a bit. Any news on an LTE variant of either the Venu or Vivoactive 4? Two final requests: Man, these guys have now filled every single gap between $200 and $1,000 ++. Link: link to garmin.com. Obviously the specific for each workout are different, but the way the Garmin unit works is the same. I started running 6 months ago, but have decided to start doing this more regularly and focused now. Within both there’s the slate of new features primarily related to other workout types like yoga & Pilates with animated step by step workout move instructions, 24×7 respiration rate tracking, estimated sweat loss and finally hydration tracking. I would buy Fenix 6X Sapphire yesterday, if is it size of Fenix 6 , 47 mm instead of 51 and 1.4″ screen, even if that screen resolution is from 1999. We're also big fans of the analysis. VA4/Venu do NOT have Training Effect, right? Walling off Firstbeat features just because how much you paid for a watch. Strava Routes on Garmin Vivoactive 4? But I´d like to add some myself (like a 30/20/10 cycle etc. En Garmin, nos asociamos con empresas realmente increíbles que nos ayudan a hacer realidad funciones avanzadas e innovadoras diseñadas para que disfrutes más de tus pasiones y conseguir que estés encantado con tu dispositivo Garmin. Ahh yes, the good ol’ classic evening fall run chest strap lack of connectivity (despite wetting it). Nothing special. One really annoying “feature” is the process for finishing a swim workout. The segments will show up then. Like you could on the old VivoActive HR, where you got the top/default activity type. When will the full in-depth review of the Vivoactive 4 be available? – Added Workout Animation functionality: For Strength, Cardio, Yoga, Pilates The new HRM seems fine! Today Garmin announced the new Vivoactive 4 & 4S watches, within a pile of different color/material variants. Bob, with audible and audible files it will be really complicated to get it to work. It took a few weeks to get my Edge 530 as well when it was brand new. ... Strava Live Segments. I just purchased the Vivoactive 3 a couple of months ago to replace my Vivoactive HR! GARMIN Edge 520 [010-01368-00] Licznik rowerowy GPS, który pomaga rywalizować i porównywać wyniki Rywalizacja na żywo w ramach segmentów platformy Strava Po sparowaniu z czujnikiem mocy i c I’m torn between the 4s and the Venu and would appreciate any insights you can give on a few questions! I am doing basic walking, running, cycling activities, so I was wondering which could or rather should be my next smart watch. The Vivoactive 4, like most other 2019 watches from Garmin, are just so much better at music than older Garmin watches. Thanks! I assume they do still do it over ANT+. Are you going to review the Vivomove Style? For the Fenix 6 series, that update is slated for here in September, whereas for the Forerunner 945, that update is expected this fall. Hi, Shoot, yeah I get the same thing. Get all your awesome high quality DCR kit and gear here! and now 2019 Vivoactive 4 $349 which is more than double the price of the first generation watch. Free Member. If I keep Ox constant monitoring, can go charging it every 2 days for sure, maybe some update will reduce Oxygen check frequency, I left it now for night only, still goes quite a lot. I download this to my garmin watch and go workout. 2016 Vivoactive HR $249 However, syncing is manual – so we prefer using the third party Apple Watch app. There's an always-on display option and you’re looking at comfortably a week of battery life with all the advanced features turned on, which is certainly more than the Apple Watch's single-day stamina.